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Game #705- Red Hot 7's

End Sale Date: November 24, 2008
Last Date To Claim Prizes: November 24, 2009

RED HOT 7’s is a $5 game with 15 top prizes of $70,000; 30 prizes of $7,000; more than 26,000 prizes from $70 to $700; and more than $24 million in total cash prizes.  Players can win up to 12 times on each ticket.  Win the prize shown under the matching number when any of YOUR NUMBERS match any of the HOT NUMBERS.  A red “7” symbol (RSVN) wins the prize shown under it automatically.  A “HOT” symbol (HOT) wins all 12 prizes shown.  The overall odds of winning a RED HOT 7’s prize are 1-in-4.14.

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