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Game #878- Ca$h Up!

END SALE DATE - 8/8/2012

With a price of $3 per ticket, Ca$h Up! has 10 top prizes of $30,000, more than $5,200,000 in multiplied prizes and more than $11.5 million in total cash prizes. Scratch the YOUR NUMBERS area to reveal 30 numbers. Then, scratch only the numbers on GAMES 1-9 that match those revealed in the YOUR NUMBERS area. When you match the number in GAMES 1, 4 or 7, win the PRIZE shown for that GAME. When you match both numbers in GAMES 2, 5 or 8, win 2 TIMES the PRIZE shown for that GAME. When you completely match all numbers in GAMES 3, 6 or 9, win 3 TIMES the PRIZE shown for that GAME. Each GAME is played separately.

Due to player demand, this game has been reordered and the number of prizes has been increased.  The current number of remaining prizes is reflected on the Remaining Prizes page.

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