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PA Lottery Games – Millionaire Raffle

PA Lottery Millionaire RaffleMillionaire Raffle is the PA Lottery game that offers you the Lottery's very best odds of winning $1 million! The Pennsylvania Lottery offers this game only twice each year. A limited number of tickets are for sale, and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Millionaire Raffle 20 winning numbers (drawn July 11, 2015)

Millionaire Raffle Lottery Prizes and Odds

Top Prize 4 $1,000,000 1:125,000
Second Prize 4 $100,000 1:125,000
Third Prize 100 $1,000 1:5,000
Fourth Prize 5,892 $100 1:84.86
Totals 6,000 $5,089,200 1:83.33

Each Millionaire Raffle ticket contains a unique, eight-digit raffle number issued sequentially across Pennsylvania from the PA Lottery’s central computer. No more than 500,000 Millionaire Raffle tickets are sold. When the final Raffle number is issued, or the sales deadline is reached, the game is closed and no additional tickets are available for purchase. Winning numbers will be drawn from all numbers sold.

Complete Millionaire Raffle #20 Rules

When is Millionaire Raffle?

Millionaire Raffle #20 winners were drawn on July 11, 2015 during the Pennsylvania Lottery's drawing show at 6:59 p.m.  The date of the next Raffle has not yet been announced.

Millionaire Raffle Results

The Pennsylvania Lottery awards 6,000 total prizes worth more than $5 million in its Millionaire Raffle.  Four top prizes of $1 million cash; four prizes of $100,000 cash; 100 prizes of $1,000 cash; and 5,892 prizes of $100 cash are also awarded. Winning numbers will be drawn from all numbers sold.

Millionaire Raffle 20 winning numbers (drawn July 11, 2015)

Millionaire Raffle 19 winning numbers (drawn January 3, 2015)

Millionaire Raffle 18 winning numbers (drawn July 5, 2014)

Millionaire Raffle 17 Winning Numbers (drawn January 4, 2014)

Millionaire Raffle 16 Winning Numbers (drawn July 6, 2013)

How to Claim a Millionaire Raffle Lottery Prize

All Millionaire Raffle prize levels are paid out in cash, including the jackpot.  All 100 winning tickets of $1,000 and all 5,892 winning tickets of $100 can be validated and paid at any Pennsylvania Lottery retailer.  Players with winning tickets worth $100,000 and $1 million must file a PA Lottery claim form.  Winning tickets may be redeemed up to one year after the drawing date.

For more details, see how to claim a Lottery prize.

How the Millionaire Raffle Drawing Works

An Automated Drawing Machine (ADM) randomly selects all of the 6,000 winning Millionaire Raffle ticket numbers. The ADM selection of the four, $1 million top-prize Millionaire Raffle ticket numbers and the four, $100,000 second-prize Millionaire Raffle ticket numbers is televised during the 6:59 p.m. drawing show.  The 100, $1,000-winning Millionaire Raffle ticket numbers and the 5,892, $100-winning Millionaire Raffle ticket numbers also are selected by the ADM, but these 5,992 winning ticket numbers are not televised due to time constraints. When drawing results are finalized, all winning ticket numbers will be available on

An ADM is a highly secure computerized system that generates numbers in a random manner.  ADMs have been used by lotteries for many years.  The Pennsylvania Lottery first used an ADM for the "Hearts and Diamonds" game in the mid-1990s and has used random number generation over the years to facilitate many of its Second Chance Prize ZoneTM drawings.

The Lottery currently uses an ADM to randomly select the numbers for the day drawings of PICK 2, PICK 3, PICK 4, PICK 5 and Treasure Hunt terminal-based games.  Other lotteries, both in the United States and internationally, also use ADMs for the random selection of winning numbers.

The ADM is certified by Gaming Laboratories International, the world's premier gaming products and systems testing company.

During the Millionaire Raffle drawing, a Pennsylvania Lottery drawing official operates the ADM by pressing a button that activates the ADM to begin the winning ticket number selection process.  Viewers will see the eight winning ticket numbers for the top two prize tiers displayed during the evening drawing show.  In addition, the winning ticket information is printed in report form and properly recorded on certification forms by the on-site Certified Public Accountant.

The eight-digit Raffle number printed on the ticket must match the eight-digit Raffle number combination selected in the drawing – with all eight digits in the exact sequence in which they were selected – to be considered a winning ticket and to be entitled to a Millionaire Raffle prize.

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