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Buying Tickets and Cashing Prizes

The Pennsylvania Lottery is dedicated to ensuring that all aspects of games meet or exceed industry standards for quality, fairness and integrity.  In addition, PA Lottery staff strives to ensure that all aspects of the organization, including the PA Lottery retailer network, function in an honest and ethical manner.

If you know of or suspect any impropriety, please contact the PA Lottery Division of Security via email or call 717-702-8026.

The Pennsylvania Lottery offers the following tips to players:

  • Always check your PA Lottery tickets at the time of purchase.  Tickets cannot be canceled, so you should immediately speak to the clerk or manager to resolve any concerns before leaving the store.
  • Always sign the back of your PA Lottery ticket. This will help prevent someone else from trying to cash it in the event your PA Lottery ticket becomes lost or stolen, or if someone tries to scratch out, white out or change your signature.
  • If your PA Lottery ticket is stolen, report the matter to the Pennsylvania Lottery Division of Security and local police.
  • When purchasing a Pennsylvania Lottery Scratch-Off, check it and make sure the scratch-off coating has not been previously scratched or tampered with anywhere on the game ticket. If the Scratch-Off appears to have been tampered with, contact the PA Lottery Division of Security or phone 717-702-8026 immediately.
  • Never allow a Pennsylvania Lottery retailer to charge you a commission, fee or tax for cashing a winning PA Lottery ticket. If this occurs, immediately contact the PA Lottery Division of Security.
  • If a Pennsylvania Lottery retailer quotes you a winning prize amount lower than you believe you're entitled to receive, ask to see the Pay Authorization Slip.
  • If you suspect that a PA Lottery retailer has misled you as to whether or not your PA Lottery ticket is a winner, ask for your ticket back.  If the retailer refuses, contact the PA Lottery Division of Security immediately.
  • If you play a multi-draw Pennsylvania Lottery ticket and you win before the final draw, make sure you obtain a “trail” ticket from the cashing retailer, and make sure the PA Lottery ticket you receive is accurate.  DO THIS IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT.  Your new PA Lottery ticket should have the word "Trail" at the top.
  • Never agree to help a stranger cash a Lottery ticket. If you do, more than likely you will become the victim of a scam or unauthorized transaction. If you are approached by a stranger asking for help cashing a ticket, contact the PA Lottery Division of Security and your local police immediately.
  • The PA Lottery will never ask you to pay taxes or fees up front. This process is completed after a prize has been claimed.

If you become or suspect that you have become the victim of a Lottery-related crime, please contact your local police department and contact Lottery Security at 717-702-8026.

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