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Social Media Scams

The Pennsylvania Lottery maintains an InstagramFacebook page and a Twitter feed

Pennsylvania Lottery players should never post a photo of their winning ticket with the barcode exposed. Claim your prize first and then share your story!

Social media users should be wary of any message coming from a Facebook page, website or other source that may be impersonating the Pennsylvania Lottery.

In particular, beware of scammers masquerading as “Lottery agents” who may contact you to falsely state that you’ve won a prize, or asking for personal or financial information or instructing you to send money.

To avoid being scammed, please remember the Pennsylvania Lottery will NEVER:

  • Send a user a “friend request” via Facebook.
  • Send a user a “message” via Facebook; unless responding to a user message/question sent first or regarding an official PA Lottery social media promotion that the player entered.
  • Notify a user via Facebook that they have won a giveaway or contest, unless the player entered the contest via the PA Lottery’s official Facebook page or other social media platform.
  • Ask for contact information beyond what an entrant has already provided while entering a legitimate Pennsylvania Lottery giveaway.
  • Ask for bank account information in ANY case over social media.

Please report any suspected scams to the platform on which you received the message.

  • If it is a Facebook message, under messages, click on "Actions" in the top right corner and then click on "Report Spam or Abuse" - then follow the prompts. Also, you may go directly to the suspect individual’s timeline and click on the gear icon in the top right and click “Report Page.”
  • If on Twitter, visit the spam account's profile. Click the gear icon. This brings up a drop-down actions menu. Click on Report@username for spam..
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