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Match 6 Lotto on a Roll: Jackpot Rises to $4.6 Million for Aug. 29 Drawing - Game Continues to Produce Winners as Jackpot Rises


Match 6 Lotto on a Roll: Jackpot Rises to $4.6 Million for Aug. 29 Drawing

Middletown – The Pennsylvania Lottery’s own Match 6 Lotto jackpot has rolled yet again, growing to $4.6 million for the Thursday, Aug. 29, drawing.

The current jackpot run started after one ticket matched all six winning numbers in the May 13 drawing. In the meantime, the game has continued to produce millions of winners.

Since mid-May, Match 6 Lotto has awarded nearly $10 million in prizes through almost 2.7 million winning tickets.

More than 138,500 Match 6 Lotto tickets won prizes totaling $503,693 in last night’s drawing, including 42 tickets that each won $1,000.

The $4.6 million jackpot for Aug. 29 is the game’s third-largest. The record jackpot was a $6.9 million prize won in the March 23, 2007 drawing.  The second-largest jackpot was a $5.8 million payout from the May 3, 2005 drawing.

The odds of winning the Match 6 Lotto jackpot are approximately 1-in-4.6 million, among the Pennsylvania Lottery’s best odds of winning a multimillion-dollar jackpot.

How to Play Match 6 Lotto: Match 6 tickets cost $2 each. Players can choose six numbers from 1 to 49 or have numbers randomly selected by computer. The computer will then randomly select an additional two sets of six numbers, for three lines of six numbers each or 18 numbers total. Players can win up to four times on each ticket – once on each of three lines (base play) and by combining all 18 numbers (combined play).

Match 6 Lotto drawings are held on Monday and Thursday evenings.

About the Pennsylvania Lottery: The Pennsylvania Lottery remains the only state lottery that designates all its proceeds to programs that benefit older residents. Since its inception in 1971, the Pennsylvania Lottery has contributed nearly $23.7 billion to programs that include property tax and rent rebates; free transit and reduced-fare shared rides; the low-cost prescription drug programs PACE and PACENET; long-term living services; and the 52 Area Agencies on Aging, including full- and part-time senior centers throughout the state.

The Pennsylvania Lottery reminds its players to play responsibly. Players must be 18 or older.

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