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Game #859- 2nd Edition $100,000 Bingo


2nd Edition $100,000 BINGO is a $5 instant ticket game with 20 top prizes of $100,000; over $50 million in total cash prizes; and 10 chances to win plus a bonus.  Scratch the "CALLER'S CARD" area. Scratch only the numbers on BINGO CARDS 1-10 that match those revealed on the "CALLER'S CARD" area. The center spot on each of CARDS 1-10 is a "FREE" space. When each matched letter in a BINGO CARD is scratched, a yellow or green background is revealed. When you completely match all numbers in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, or the 4 corners, or in a postage stamp pattern in any of the 4 corners, or in an "X" pattern on any BINGO CARD, you win the prize for the matched pattern shown in the appropriate legend beside that CARD. The "5X" symbol on each BINGO CARD is also a free space. When it appears in any winning pattern, you win five times the prize shown for that win. Get a diamond pattern on any card and win $100,000 instantly. BONUS: Scratch the word BINGO. Get a “CASH” (CASH) symbol, win $20. Get a “MONEYBAG” (MNYBAG) symbol, win $100.
**Beginning with 2nd Edition $100,000 Bingo, the Pennsylvania Lottery will be removing all sight validation codes and benday from instant tickets. Pennsylvania Lottery retailers and players can rely on tickets’ 2-D barcodes to determine if a ticket is a winner. Players will now see “SCRATCH TO CASH” printed over the 2-D barcode area. Before cashing an instant ticket, players should always scratch to reveal the 2-D barcode, scan the ticket using a self-service ticket checker and sign a winning ticket.

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