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Game #1029- Crossword Time

15 TOP PRIZES OF $50,000

Crossword Time is a new $3 ticket offering 15 top prizes of $50,000. Players have the opportunity to multiply their prize won and win $20 instantly. Scratch YOUR LETTERS. Rub each matching letter every time it is found in the Crossword Grid. When you have matched the letters of two (2) or more entire words in the Crossword Grid, win the corresponding prize shown in the PRIZE KEY. When a CLOCK (CLOCK) symbol appears in any winning combination of words, win DOUBLE the corresponding prize found in the PRIZE KEY. BONUS TIME: Win $20 for each PENCIL (WIN20) symbol revealed.

Complete Game Rules

Game Odds

Prize Value Remaining Winners
$50,000.00 4
$1,000.00 162
$100.00 1356
$50.00 6758
$30.00 20414
$20.00 33019
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