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How To Play Millionaire Raffle

PA Lottery Millionaire Raffle


How to Play Millionaire Raffle

Millionaire Raffle players can win at four different prize levels by exactly matching their ticket numbers to the numbers drawn. Each ticket costs $20.

Each Millionaire Raffle ticket contains a unique, eight-digit raffle number issued sequentially across Pennsylvania from the PA Lottery's central computer. No more than 500,000 Millionaire Raffle tickets will be sold. When the final Raffle number is issued, or the sales deadline is reached, the game is closed and no additional tickets are available for purchase. Winning numbers will be drawn from all numbers sold. Click here for rules.

Millionaire Raffle Prizes and Chances

Top Prize 4 $1,000,000 1 in 125,000
Second Prize 4 $100,000 1 in 125,000
Third Prize 100 $1,000 1 in 5,000
Fourth Prize 5,892 $100 1 in 84.86
Totals 6,000 $5,089,200 1 in 83.33
Top Prize $1,000,000
4 winners Chances 1 in 125,000
Second Prize $100,000
4 winners Chances 1 in 125,000
Third Prize $1,000
100 winners Chances 1 in 5,000
Fourth Prize $100
5,892 winners Chances 1 in 84.86
Totals $5,089,200
6,000 winners Chances 1 in 83.33

How to Claim a Millionaire Raffle Prize

All Millionaire Raffle prize levels are paid out in cash, including the jackpot.  All 100 winning tickets of $1,000 and all 5,892 winning tickets of $100 can be validated and paid at any Pennsylvania Lottery retailer.  Players with winning tickets worth $100,000 and $1 million must file a PA Lottery claim form.  Winning tickets may be redeemed up to one year after the drawing date.

For more details see how to claim a Lottery Prize.

How the Millionaire Raffle Drawing Works

An Automated Drawing Machine (ADM) randomly selects all of the 6,000 winning Millionaire Raffle ticket numbers. The winning ticket information is verified by the on-site Certified Public Accountant. When drawing results are finalized, all winning ticket numbers will be available on 


The $100,000 Weekly Drawings consist of eight (8) separate drawings, each of which will award one (1) prize of $100,000! Each ticket purchased will be automatically entered into that week's $100,000 Weekly Drawing as well as the Final Drawing on January 6, 2018.
Click here for official rules


$100,000 Weekly Drawing Schedule

$100,000 Weekly Drawing Purchased Between Winners Announced
Drawings 1 - 8 complete complete
$100,000 Weekly Drawings Winners Announced
Drawings 1 - 5 Complete
Drawing 6 December 21, 2017
Drawing 7 December 28, 2017
Drawing 8 January 4, 2018

Claims Procedures for $100,000 Weekly Drawings

$100,000 Weekly Drawing Prizes cannot be claimed at a retailer or by mail.  Prizes may only be claimed in person, with the original ticket at a Lottery office. Follow these steps:

  • Immediately sign the back of the ticket
  • Take the ticket and photo I.D. to the nearest PA Lottery office.*
    • At the Lottery office, you will be asked to fill out a Claim Form.
    • Lottery staff will make a copy of your signed ticket and return it to you.
  • Following validation, a prize check will be mailed in four to six weeks.
*Click here for a list of Lottery office locations.

Reminder: KEEP THE ORIGINAL TICKET. It is still eligible to win a prize in the main drawing. Winning numbers will be posted at on January 6, 2018, after 10:00 p.m. (ET).

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