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Important Claim Information: It is currently taking longer than normal to process winning claims. The estimated timeframe for claims processing is eight to 12 weeks. We expect processing times will return to normal sometime in April. Thank you for your patience.

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PICK 5 - Evening Payout

Check the PICK 5 Evening winning Lottery numbers and Lottery payouts here!

PA Lottery PICK 5 Evening Winning Lottery Numbers!

Evening Drawing
Winning Numbers: 7  7  6  9  8  Wild Ball: 0

$1 Straight play pays $50,000
$1 Box play pays $850

Wild Ball can replace a Lottery-drawn winning number.
The numbers on your ticket do not change.

Wild Ball Winning Combinations:

0 7 6 9 8
0 6 9 8
7 7 0 9 8
7 7 6 0 8
7 7 6 9 0

$1 Straight with $1.00 Wild Ball play pays $12,000
$1 Box with $1.00 Wild Ball play pays up to $2,400
Wild Ball can also be used to make winning combinations for Front and Back plays.

Total Winners (Base Play and with Wild Ball):
87 winners for a total of $24,000

View PICK 5 Evening Winning Lottery Numbers and Lottery Payouts

View PICK 5 Prize Chart

Learn to play PICK 5 - Try It Here

Learn to play PICK 5 - Try It Here

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You can check the PA Lottery website for Lottery results, or visit the Lottery VIP Players Club to sign up for emails or text messages to receive winning lottery number alerts for PICK 5 and other PA Lottery games.

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