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Extreme Winning

Game Number 5186

Extreme Winning is a $20 game that offers 2 Top Prizes of $300,000. When any of YOUR NUMBERS match any WINNING NUMBER, win prize shown under the matching number. When a "SWIRL" (AUTO) symbol appears, win prize shown under that symbol automatically!

EXTREME MULTIPLIER: Multiply any prize won in the YOUR NUMBERS area below by the multiplier shown for that COLUMN.

EXTREME 10X BONUS: When a prize amount appears in the EXTREME 10X BONUS area, win 10 TIMES the prize shown automatically. When a "10X" (10TIMES) symbol appears, win 10 TIMES any prize won in the YOUR NUMBERS area above.

Overall chances of winning a prize:
1 in 3.14

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Prizes Remaining

Top Six Prizes Wins Remaining
$300,000 2
$10,000 6
$1,000 102
$500 988
$200 3,002
$100 3,452

Prizes subject to availability. Actual tickets may vary.

1 Progressive Top Prize game; top prize resets when won.
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