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Lottery Love

Check out the videos below and see for yourself how Lottery Love is coming to life all across Pennsylvania.







Share your Lottery Love!

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Michele Genzano

@thebeautysnitch ⭐️ Oh, you want to know what my secret motivator is?! Well, it’s my love for the @palottery of course! A few Scratch-Offs to reward myself with the excitement of a world of new possibilities. 😍

✔️Getting back to the gym after time away?
✔️A new PR at the gym after being consistent?!
2 Scratch-Offs!

Michele Genzano

@thebeautysnitch Whatever I love, Barkley loves! So that officially makes Barkley the @palottery’s newest, biggest little fan!


Christine Marie

@welcomingsavannah Grab the pool floats, cute swimsuits, matching cups and of course some @palottery Scratch-Offs and make your friends a fun pool day goodie basket! Who wouldn’t love a fun pool day with a chance to win some money. PA Lottery Tickets Scratch-Offs are always a good idea!

#palottery #ShowUsYourLotteryLove #MyLotteryLove

Mayela Garcia

@chelchen Feels like Christmas in July! ❤️ Now is the perfect time to treat yourself and loved ones with @palottery tickets. It's so fun to share my love of the Lottery with others! 8 is a lucky number in Chinese culture so I always go with choosing 8s when I play the Lottery!


Christine Marie

@christinemariestyle It's finally summertime, and I'm having a fun cool-off and Scratch-Off BBQ with some friends! I'm using @palottery Scratch-Off tickets as a little pre-party favor and they make for a great icebreaker that everyone can enjoy!😊


Mayela Garcia

@mayelasjourney Food is definitely my love language and this month we are showing some love with the @palottery I created this fun board full of goodies and Scratch-Offs tickets to enjoy and try our luck! The best way to celebrate is by giving and sharing love. For the Draw Game, I’m a big fan of Mega Millions and Powerball, what about you? Check my stories, so you can see our picks.


Ashley Pletcher

@ashleypletcher3 Take the risk or lose the chance. My little life mantra these days. #ad I’ve been playing with some bolder looks and different styles, because why not?! It’s always fun taking a chance on something new! It’s actually one of the reasons I love playing the @palottery- I get to take a little chance. What’s it going to be today? A bold color? A fun pattern? Add in your favorite Scratch-Off tickets and we can all share our love for the PA Lottery together!

#ShowUsYourLotteryLove #MyLotteryLove

Christian Crosby

@ChristianCrosby When you love 2 win, you keep your options open, you can't just Pick 3, Scratch 1 Off and be done. 😂sometimes you gotta make the @palottery Powerball play and hope the love comes back around.

#ad #ShowUsYourLotteryLove

Christine Hart

@Christinemariestyle My sister Shelly and I were feeling nostalgic and wanted to grab @palottery Scratch-Off tickets and ice cream! We had little wins in our day like accomplishing spring cleaning and building a bookcase, so we decided to have fun and reward ourselves. We always have fun memories around the PA Lottery. When we were kids, our Dad would take us for ice cream and buy Lottery tickets for himself!

☺️ #sponsored #ShowUsYourLotteryLove

Jenn Danella

@jenniferdanella #ad I couldn’t help pick up a few @PALottery Scratch-Off tickets while I was at the grocery store! Who doesn’t love the thrill of scratching off a ticket? I’m celebrating #MyLotteryLove today with these tickets I picked up at the grocery store. I have to scratch them as soon as I get home, if I don’t scratch them in my car in the parking lot. Join us in celebrating the PA Lottery’s 50th anniversary and #ShowUsYourLotteryLove, and stay tuned, because in a few weeks I will be doing an epic @PALottery Scratch-Off ticket giveaway!

Kelly Brennan

@kelly_brennan_412 ☔️🌸🌺April showers bring May flowers…but what do May flowers bring? Love for @palottery! ❤️ #ad I’m once again inspired to spread my love of these seasonal Scratch-Offs this time of year. They make for a great “thank you” for the fabulous teachers in your life. And the hanging baskets are a simple way to spread some joy.🙌

Rylegh Vertes

@sincerely.ryleigh I show #MyLotteryLove with Flowers + PA Lottery tickets as the perfect pairing! 💐🎟 The most thoughtful gift for the most special people in your life, I love giving gifts but it’s definitely hard to shop for some people! This gift is perfect for anyone & is sure to brighten their day! ☀️

#ad #ShowUsYourLotteryLove

Sydney Cavery

@summerwind41490 #ad My sister and her husband are finally so close to their big wedding day and I am so excited to celebrate them! I thought it would be fun to spread my love for the @palottery by including Scratch-Off tickets in their card as a fun extra surprise. And I know they love Scratch-Off tickets as much as I do! Safe to say, my sister loved it!



@inspiredbycharm Did you know that this month the @PALottery is celebrating their 50th Anniversary? I’ve always celebrated my #PALotteryLove during the holidays season. Their scratch-off tickets are one of my go-to holiday gifts. However, that doesn’t need to be limited to the holidays. Here I created a beautiful bouquet of flowers and tucked in some of my favorite @palottery scratch-off tickets. I think this is such a fun and unique gift idea for any occasion. Who doesn’t love the thrill of scratching off a ticket? Join us in celebrating this special anniversary and #ShowUsYourLotteryLove And stay tuned, because in a few weeks I will be doing a fabulous @PALottery scratch-off ticket giveaway.

@moniqueelise__ There are so many reasons to love the @palottery and here are mine. #ad

1. Playing helps to benefit the community. 2. It’s a fun and inexpensive gift idea. 3. The thrill and excitement of playing. 4. Way to connect with others. 5. The possibilities are endless!

Life is all about taking chances, welcoming new possibilities, and having fun and that’s exactly what you get when you play with the @palottery.


@livinglesh How do you share your love for the things that you enjoy in your life? One way that I share my love is by creating unique looks inspired by the things that I enjoy like how I created this vibrant makeup look inspired by the @PALottery. Just like I created DIY gift bags and ornaments by adding Scratch-Offs during the holiday season, I take my love for the PA Lottery and let it inspire my creativity. #ShowUsYourLotteryLove #ad

#ShowUsYourLotteryLove #PALottery



@summerwind41490 Every year for my birthday my aunt always gives me a beautiful card filled with @palottery Scratch-Off tickets because she knows how much I love them! It’s so fun to see which ones my aunt chose for me, and I have so much fun scratching off the tickets! I think that it is such a fun and unique thing that she generously does for me and it’s inspired me to spread my love for the @palottery to other friends and family! #ShowUsYourLotteryLove #ad 


@moniqueelise__ We all have lucky numbers, what’s yours? #ad Every once in a while, when I’m feeling lucky I like to treat myself. Not only with sweets (Sidebar: why are cupcakes so delicious?!) but also by playing with the @palottery. With the assortment of games they offer, the possibilities are truly endless. One of my favorite games to play is Pick 3 for plenty of reasons. Not only is it fun and super easy to play, I have so many special memories that I hold near and dear to me. Like when my mother won just in time for Christmas, or my grandma teaching me how to play on my own for the very first time. To this day, I love finding fun ways to pick numbers to play with the @palottery. Sometimes I use special days in my life, like my loved one’s birthdays. While other times I rely on a mixture of instinct and my trusted “bank” of lucky numbers.

#PALottery #ShowUsYourLotteryLove

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