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July Coupon Redemption Changes  There is now a new way to redeem coupons that have a free  instant ticket.  In the past, you scanned the free instant ticket.  Now  you will do the opposite and scan the required purchase.  Check in  your News Message folder for c...
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Tips for Printing Lottery Coupons Please read the tips below to ensure coupons print successfully: Before you begin, make sure the printer is turned on, has ink and paper and is connected to your computer. Click on the PRINT COUPON image on your screen to pr...
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Tips for Redeeming Lottery Mobile Coupons Q: Where can I redeem my coupon? A: You must redeem your coupon at a PA Lottery retailer. At this time you cannot use the mobile coupon at a Lottery vending machine. Click here to find a retailer . Q: Should I hand my phone over...
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Pennsylvania Lottery Scratch-Off Awards $1,000 a Week for Life in York County
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Pennsylvania Lottery Scratch-Off Awards $1,000 a Week for Life in Delaware County
/About-PA-Lottery/News-Events-Media/News/2019/November/Pennsylvania-Lottery-Scratch-Off-Awards-$1,000-a-W.aspx 11/19/2019 12:00:00 AM

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