New Fast Play Games

The new 17 [$5], Good Luck Charm$ [$2] and Four Leaf Loot [$1] Fast Play games are here and eligible for our End of the Rainbow Second-Chance Drawing!

New $30 Progressive Top Prize Fast Play Game Launching

Take a chance at making your wallet fatter by playing the new $30 Fast Play Game, Fat Wallet!

This game is launching on March 2, 2021, and it’s the first Fast Play game with a Progressive Top Prize starting at $500,000!

Add $30 to your prize when a “+” symbol appears next to a winning match and multiply your prize up to 5X in the MONEY MULTIPLIER area!

The Fat Wallet gets fatter with a win in the Fatter Wallet Bonus! Players have a chance to win even more with a matching symbol in the FATTER WALLET BONUS!

Match, add, multiply for your chance at a fatter wallet with Fat Wallet!