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Xpress Football

Xpress Football LogoWatch the turf fly when eight virtual teams knock pads while rushing toward the goal line. Will they score a touchdown? Will they kick a field goal or turnover the ball? New drives (draws) occur every 5 minutes, and can be played at any PA Lottery retailer that sells Draw Games or watched live, in person, at select retailers. See the most recent drive outcome below, or click Past Results to see previous drawing results. Pick up an Xpress Football playslip at your nearest PA Lottery retailer and play today!

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Drawings occur every five minutes. Please refresh your page to see the most recent results.


How to Play Xpress Football

1 To play, pick up an Xpress Football playslip at any PA Lottery retailer. View Sample Playslip
2 Select how much you want to play for each outcome you select. The higher the cost, the more you could win! Prizes will be multiplied by the cost amount you select. See Prize Amounts
3 Select the number of consecutive drives (draws) you wish to play, from 1 to 20.
4 Select what you think the outcome will be. Multiple outcomes can be selected, increasing the cost by the amount you selected at the top of your playslip.
5 Finally, hand your playslip and payment to any PA Lottery retailer or play at one of our touch screen vending machines. When your transaction is complete, get your Xpress Football ticket (View Sample Ticket). Then, sit back, and watch the drive. The most recently completed drive, as well as all past drive results, can be found on, or in our mobile app. Or, you can watch them live at select PA Lottery Retailers.
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