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Xpress Football – Prizes & Chances

Xpress Football gives players the chance to win up to $250 for a $1 play! Each combination of teams, offense, and starting yard line produces a different set of prizes & chances of winning. Check out the charts below to see specific match-ups, or view Prizes & Chances for every match up here. For an even more in-depth look, see the official Xpress Football game rules.

The prizes below are based on a $1 play amount. To determine the prize at other play amounts, multiply the prize won by the amount you played. For example, a $5 win, with a $1 play amount is a $5 prize. The same win for a $2 play will result in a $10 prize.

Xpress Football Detailed Prize Chart

Use the drop-down options to see the prize chart for specific team match-ups; prizes are based on a $1 play.

View all prizes & chances for every match up.

Xpress Football Prize Chart

Prizes are based on a $1 play and vary depending on specific team match-ups.

Outcome Minimum Prize Maximum Prize
TD Run on 1st Play $50 $200
TD Run on 2nd Play $6 $75
TD Run on 3rd Play $5 $40
TD Run on 4th Play $2 $20
TD Run on or after 5th Play $2 $20
TD Pass on 1st Play $60 $200
TD Pass on 2nd Play $8 $70
TD Pass on 3rd Play $5 $25
TD Pass on 4th Play $2 $20
TD Pass on or after 5th Play $2 $20
Turnover on 1st Play $90 $250
Turnover on 2nd Play $30 $175
Turnover on 3rd Play $15 $100
Turnover on 4th Play $12 $80
Turnover on or after 5th Play $2 $40
Field Goal $6 $15

Xpress Football Advance Play

Tickets for Xpress Football may be purchased up to 20 draws in advance.

How to Claim an Xpress Football Lottery Prize

Take your winning ticket to a PA Lottery Games retailer to validate. The retailer may pay valid lottery prizes up to and including $2,500 per ticket. If the Lottery payout is over $600, you must complete a claim form. You must also file a claim form for any winning Lottery ticket older than 180 days. For more details, see how to claim a Lottery prize.

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