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Pennsylvania Lottery Annual Sales & Benefit Reports

Pennsylvania Lottery Annual Reports

PA Lottery Annual Reports summarize the PA Lottery’s total sales, expenses and revenue for each fiscal year.

PA Lottery Annual Report 2014-2015

PA Lottery Annual Report 2013-2014

PA Lottery Annual Report 2012-2013

PA Lottery Annual Report 2011-2012

PA Lottery Annual Report 2010-2011

Pennsylvania Lottery Economic & Benefit Impact Reports

PA Lottery Economic and Benefit Impact Reports detail the dollar amounts for PA Lottery prizes paid, PA Lottery retailer commissions and funding for programs benefiting older Pennsylvanians in all 67 counties.

PA Lottery Economic & Benefit Impact Report 2013-2014

PA Lottery Economic & Benefit Impact Report 2012-2013

PA Lottery Economic & Benefit Impact Report 2011-2012

PA Lottery Economic & Benefit Impact Report 2010-2011

Pennsylvania Lottery Profit Reports

PA Lottery Profit Reports, required by Act 53 of 2008, provide the General Assembly and the public with comparative data and context for PA Lottery sales and profit figures.

PA Lottery Profit Report 2014-2015

PA Lottery Profit Report 2013-2014

PA Lottery Profit Report 2012-2013

PA Lottery Profit Report 2011-2012

To view past PA Lottery reports, visit the Pennsylvania Lottery Reports Archive.

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