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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Pennsylvania Lottery ADA Program & Requirements for PA Lottery Retailers

All PA Lottery retailers must be in compliance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Pennsylvania Lottery can help businesses meet the requirements through the PA Lottery ADA Program.

Find out if your business is in compliance by reading the PA Lottery Retailers Accessibility Standards and reviewing the PA Lottery Retailers Accessibility Guidebook.

If your business is not in compliance, the Pennsylvania Lottery may be able to help. 

The Pennsylvania Lottery will grant 12-month temporary licenses to business that agree to modify their locations to meet PA Lottery accessibility standards. Qualifying businesses may also apply to the Pennsylvania Lottery for reimbursement of a portion of the cost of the modifications. 

Pennsylvania Lottery ADA Program

In order to encourage qualifying retailers to modify their locations to meet PA Lottery accessibility standards, the Lottery offers a financial assistance program allowing businesses to recover a portion of the cost of the required modifications.

  • The assistance payment will be limited to 25 percent of the actual out-of-pocket expense of the modifications, not to exceed $2,500, and may not exceed double the commissions earned on PA Lottery sales while temporarily licensed.
  • An assistance payment will only be made to a currently active retailer who has completed all of the required modifications as specified in its Modification Agreement and Schedule and has been issued a “regular” PA Lottery License.
  • Businesses will be informed of tax incentives available from the federal government for modifying their locations to meet ADA guidelines, such as the Small Business Tax Credit and the Architectural/Transportation Tax Deduction.

PA Lottery ADA Program Financial Assistance Requirements

A business may qualify for the financial assistance from the Pennsylvania Lottery if:

  • The business is a new PA Lottery retail location or has had a change of ownership.
  • The business has annual gross receipts of less than $1 million, or the business has 30 or fewer full-time employees.
  • The cost of modifications is more than $500.
  • The business submits a copy of the first page of their Federal income tax form with their application

PA Lottery 12-Month Temporary License Qualifications

A business may qualify for a 12-month temporary license to sell PA Lottery tickets if:

  • The business agrees to make the necessary modifications to become accessible according to Pennsylvania Lottery ADA Program standards by the end of the 12-month temporary license period.
  • The business has had a previous application for a Pennsylvania Lottery license rejected solely on the basis of noncompliance with Pennsylvania Lottery standards.

PA Lottery ADA Program Schedule

Upon activation, the retailer will receive a letter documenting the necessary modifications to be made at the retail location, along with completion deadlines.

Three months after activation, the retailer must provide two cost estimates for the required modifications and proposed plans.

Six months after activation, the retailer must provide signed contracts from the contractor completing the required modifications and all permits and approvals.

Twelve months after activation, the retailer must provide receipts for the required modifications. If the business is eligible for financial assistance from the Lottery, the retailer must also provide a copy of the first page of the business’s most current federal income tax form.  The Lottery will then conduct a site visit. If the location is determined to be accessible, the retailer will receive full license status to be a Pennsylvania Lottery retailer.

Apply for the PA Lottery ADA Program

To apply for your 12-month, temporary license to sell Pennsylvania Lottery products, or for more information about the Retailer Accessibility Program, call 1-800-692-7481, ext. 58084, or talk with your Pennsylvania Lottery District Representative.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The applicant must agree and be bound by and comply with the provisions of the State Lottery Law, any rules, regulations and instructions promulgated pursuant to the Act by the Bureau.
  • The applicant must agree and be bound by and comply with the terms and conditions contained in the Application for PA Lottery Retailer License.
  • Applicant must hold the PA Lottery, Dept. of Revenue and the Commonwealth harmless from any liability arising in connection with operating and conducting sales and/or resulting from constructing or installation of any modifications to the sales location.
  • Applicant must agree that it is not acting on behalf of the PA Lottery, Dept. of Revenue or the Commonwealth as an agent, officer or employee thereof, but is acting in the capacity of an independent contractor and, as such, shall further agree that any contractual or tortuous liability it might incur in connection there-within shall be its sole responsibility.
  • The applicant must agree that the Temporary License will terminate after 12 months. It is further understood and agreed upon by the applicant that upon expiration or termination of the license, that it must not conduct any business or hold itself out as a PA Lottery retailer unless it obtains a PA Lottery license.
  • The applicant must agree and be bound by and comply with the provisions, and perform the required activities as scheduled in its Modification Agreement and Schedule.
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