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Derby Cash Horse Racing

Derby Cash Horse Racing LogoAnd down the stretch they come! Derby Cash Horse Racing is an exciting virtual horse racing PA Lottery game that will have players on the edge of their seats. Each race (drawing) consists of 12 thoroughbred horses; all have different chances of winning. The lowest numbered horse has the best chance of winning each race, while the highest numbered horse has the least chance of winning. A new race occurs every four minutes, and can be played at any PA Lottery retailer that sells Draw Games or watched live, in person, at select retailers. See the most recent race outcome below, or click Past Results to see previous drawing results. Pick up a Derby Cash playslip at your nearest PA Lottery retailer and play today!

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Drawings occur every four minutes. Please refresh your page to see the most recent results.


How to Play Derby Cash

1 To play, pick up a Derby Cash playslip at any PA Lottery retailer. View Sample Playslip
2 Select how much you want to play for each race you select. The higher the cost, the more you could win! Prizes will be multiplied by the cost amount you select. See Prize Amounts
3 Select the number of consecutive races (draws) you wish to play, from 1 to 20.
4 Mark the play type you want to play. You can only select one play type per playslip. View Play Types and Outcomes
5 Select your horses: Follow the instructions for your selected play type and choose your desired horse(s), or select Quick Pick (QP) if you prefer the terminal to randomly select your horse(s) for you.
“6” Finally, hand your playslip and payment to any PA Lottery retailer or play at one of our touch screen vending machines. When your transaction is complete, get your Derby Cash ticket (View Sample Ticket). Then, sit back, and watch the race. The most recently completed race results, as well as all past race results, can be found on, or in our mobile app. Or, you can watch them live at select PA Lottery Retailers.
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