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Self-Service Kiosk Winner Redemption

Redeem a Winning Ticket at a PlayCentral Terminal

Players may use a Pennsylvania Lottery PlayCentral terminal (PCT) to redeem prize-winning tickets worth $600 or less. Although the PCT does not dispense cash, players may choose to use their winnings to purchase more games or elect to receive a cash voucher.

Players should read and follow all on-screen prompts, being certain not to step away from the machine until their transaction is complete.

Winning Ticket Messages

When a player scans a winning Scratch-Off worth $600 or less, the PCT screen will display this message:

“Congratulations! Winner (dollar amount). Please touch YES to credit your balance. Please touch NO to retain your original ticket and redeem at a later date.”

If it is a winning draw game ticket worth $600 or less, the player automatically receives a balance credit because the PCT has scanned and retained the ticket. The screen will display this message:

“Your prize money has been added to your balance. You can touch GET CASH VOUCHER from the GAME MENU to receive a voucher and redeem it with a clerk at any Lottery location. Or use your balance to continue playing at this machine.”

In either case, the player must press OK to verify that they have read the message before moving forward with their transaction.

Play Games and/or Get a Voucher

The player may use their balance (always displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen) to purchase games or, if done playing, touch the button labeled GET CASH VOUCHER.

A cash voucher will print and dispense into the lower bin where tickets are dispensed. This voucher can be redeemed at any Lottery retailer that has a regular sales terminal.

Before stepping away from the PCT, players should always verify that:

  • No remaining balance is displayed on the screen; and
  • All tickets and vouchers have printed and been collected from the dispensing area.

Players requiring assistance with a PCT should immediately speak to the store manager.

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