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Scratch for Fun

Use your mouse to Scratch For Fun and see an example of how this game is played.**

TOP PRIZES OF $200,000

PRESS YOUR LUCK® is a $5 game that offers 10 top prizes of $200,000. Reveal a "STOP" (WNPRZ) symbol, win prize shown under that symbol. Reveal a "5X" (5TIMES) symbol, win 5 TIMES the prize shown under that symbol.

NO WHAMMIES WINALL: If a "WHAMMY" (WHAMMY) symbol is NOT REVEALED in any spot in the play area, win all 14 prizes shown!

WIN BIG: Reveal a "BIG BUCKS" (BUCKS) symbol in either TURN, win the BIGGEST prize shown in any spot in the play area automatically! WIN BIG is played separately.

Prizes Remaining

Top Six Prizes Wins Remaining
$200,000 5
$5,000 10
$1,000 21
$500 915
$250 2941
$100 9359

Overall chances of winning a prize: 1:4.43

FremantlePress Your Luck: ®/© 2023 FremantleMedia.

**Scratch for Fun is for entertainment purposes only and does not award prizes. Examples may not accurately represent game play or overall chances of winning.

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